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 Emma's Daughter can help you through various personalized Spiritual Alchemy modalities.  She specializes in Hoodoo, Spiritual Readings with and without cards, Egg Divination, Shamanic Healing, Eastern & Western Healing Practices, Herbs, Music, Chi Energy using Prana, Ki, Lightwork, Reiki,  Restoration Services, Stones, Lovelight Dream Interpretations & Spiritual Baths. 

Emma's Daughter has years of experience with helping many get good paying jobs quickly, get promotions, get health back, get luck back, get money quickly, get love, achieve Fantastic Mind Blowing Sex, heal sexual issues, heal fertility issues, heal attraction issues, extremely difficult cases resolved, protection, blessing and removing obstacles in homes/businesses and get homes/ businesses. 

The History of Aunt Mary's Niece

It all started in elementary school; when I kept getting sick and my mother could not find out what was wrong with me despite taking me to many doctors and the hospital. She finally took me to a very long green house in Sumter, South Carolina rented by my Great Grand Aunt Mary who was part Black and Cherokee Indian. She ended up healing me then later teaching me how to use plants to heal. 

Funny thing, my mother Emma always wanted to be a nurse however due to her wifely and motherly duties, she was not allowed to attend school outside of cosmetology. However, that didn't stop her from living out her name Emma which means healer and her dream of healing through me. She lived out her name by taking me to long houses sometimes there was outhouses there too, where I would sit, listen to the wisdom, and and learn the work from the elderly in the family and Sumter community who could not read or write. The illiterate elderly are my lifelong teachers. 

As time progressed, I was able to tell people about various things that was going to happen or that has happened that no one knew about. It would scare them regarding the accuracy especially when someone was about to cross over and other events. My mother Emma at the time would ask that I keep it to myself or talk to Jesus about my dreams and visions. At the time, when I was growing up prophecy and children who was gifted in that area wasn't well received. 

Over the years especially in college; all types of Christian folk would come ask me what herbs to use for various ailments. I was like why are you asking me? Do I look like a Dr? Some of their responses was "you have the medicine." I would tell them what to use normally it was herbs from their kitchen, out doors and various other places. Sometimes I would mix it then go about my business. I never put it together- until some horrible adult experiences, three miscarriages and seeing a repeat of untreated illness in someone else's life that went no diagnoses. One morning when praying, I cried out to God to show me the way. That morning Deuteronomy 4:9 appeared as my answer. Shortly thereafter appeared the same scripture appeared every time I needed an answer.

Since about 10 years old, all types of people from various nationalities and areas in the world have been coming to me for spiritual help and guidance. Before my mother died, I was able to tell her thank you for protecting me yet allowing me to learn. On her hospital bed, I was able to show her Aunt Mary's Niece logo that was created from the side of her face months earlier. So after the death of my mother Emma and on my late paternal grandfather birthday, I finally decided openly help all that wanted it. It brings me great honor to Welcome YOU to Aunt Mary's Niece. 

2019 Theme: And I saw that there is nothing better for a person than to enjoy their work!

May 2019- Love & Banishment (Justified) Work- "When she said she was starting a WAR between him and the other woman, she wasn’t lying. I wasn’t expecting it to work as fast as it did. This n...a actually went to jail behind this female. I made a mistake and helped him out (not financially) she told me not to, but without knowing what I was actually doing went against the work she was doing. If she tells you to sit back and do nothing, do exactly that. Next time I will listen and not lift a finger (and in that exact order) I will not lift a finger at all." In the US

May 2019- "I ordered her Self Love Consultation. The first one opened my eyes to how I viewed myself. The second one is helping me to see how men view women, and how to make myself feel that I am worthy of being loved. For years, I have always been selfless when it comes to love. Now I am learning how to be selfish and not just accept anything. Speak my mind and not worry about what MEN think. I am the EXCALIBUR and not all MEN will be able to move my heart. It will take that special one to love me the way I deserve to be love. Thanks for helping me see the difference." Indiana

April 2019- 1 Month Update- "I was writing this note to give you an up date on how things has been. I feel amazing I am drug free still my spirit is up and I have noticed a lot of change within me: My skin is clear, my relationship with my husband is great at this point. I would love to do more work with you soon. Thank you so much for your time and guidance during a very rough time in my life you have really been a blessing to me,to my marriage and our relationship. bless you" North Carolina

April 2019- Cleansing- "After I started my cleansing baths for 5 days I began to feel much more invigorated and refresh my aura was totally at ease! Thank you, Emma's Daughter." Sumter, SC

April 2009-  Love Work Results "Is Thanking God for such an awesome woman Of God. Two weeks in and I'm already impressed everything is working for my good can't wait to see what excitement happens this week." Sumter, SC 

April 2019- "Emma's Daughter Love and Banishment work has worked really fast for me. Too much details to go into, but what she has done and worked on for me. I instantly am seeing the results." CST Time Client

March 2019-  7 Day Result "Giving all the praise and honor to God for all He is and has done in my life thanking this awesome woman of God for all her help. It's been one week since we started this process and I am already seeing a turn around in my situation things are already looking up so I can truly say I'm satisfied with my beginning start off thank u awesome woman of God for all u are doing to help me through this situation, I know God is able and a waymaker." Sumter, SC

March 2019- "I am writing you a 29 day update, Since working with Emma’s daughter I have noticed a complete shift in my child father attitude. She has done work for me in the areas of love and employment. The work she has done is really working. He is a lot nicer to me and he is spending more time with his Daughter and wanting me more and more. I cannot thank her enough. I encourage anyone to give her a try. I have also been using chakra calm and it is truly working. I have noticed a change in my attitude as well as my children. Also my employment situation has gotten better. Although, this job may not be the one I truly desire, it beats nothing.It has been truly a blessing working with her. She will be my go to person for any help I need. I feel that things are going to be waaaaayyyyy better than before. " Indiana

March 2019-  Private Consultation "Had a AWESOME consultation with a awesome powerful woman of God who spirit immediately click with mine. She was referred to me by a friend, I am so looking forward to doing business with her in the near future and referring customers to her she is the truth!" Sumter, SC

March 2019-1 Month Update- Since working with Emma’s daughter, I am already starting to notice small improvements with myself and my personal life. I feel more positive and optimistic about things going on around me. I like the fact that she gives updates of the work that is being done and that whenever I have questions she answers them. Also her products are amazing. Thank you Emma’s Daughter Indiana

March 2019 - Private Consultation/ Spiritual Reading I met with Aunt Mary's Niece, Emma's Daughter on today and the consultation we had was great on today looking forward to beginning this new journey of life! Sumter, SC

March 2019-  Spiritual Healing through Music "Thank you for introducing that song to me I have fallen in love with that song it brings me to tears almost every time I hear and I have been listening to it back to back over and over." North Carolina

March 2019- Mail Order Client on Multiple Items "Emma’s Daughter shipped order as promised and once received the products smelled great. First day using it, will keep you posted on everything. She is quick and very fast. I can see I am going to become a long time customer." Indiana

March 2019 -Chaka Calm Client "I do my next bath tonight my husband start his tonight!!! but oh my God the next day my spirit was up had a natural high alllll day long I really feel good. Thank You so much!" Kinston

February 2019- Change Work Client "She has been so patient with me. She is really personable and down to earth. I’m glad we have crossed paths." Indianapolis

February 2019- Next Day Feedback from North Carolina Client Greetings to all, I was very pleased with my reading last night. Emma's Daughter really was hitting the nail right on the head with all the on point answers she was giving me. I really feel confident about getting future work from her and feel it is going to work out for my Good.Thank you so much!!!! A.H.

February 2019- Next Day Feedback from Indiana Client Emma’s Daughter is really quick and fast. She gives you step by step instructions on what to do ( in order) of which I personally have never been instructed to do by none of the others I have worked with. She will send pictures of the work she is doing for you (which is very impressive) I will continue to use her services! She is a woman of her word! Genuine help is hard to find these days (SHE IS REAL) as well as (SENSITIVE TO YOUR NEEDS). T.E.

February 2019- Initial Consultation I reached out to Emma’s Daughter 2/4/2019 and got an answer the same day. Our contact was mostly via email, but during that contact I felt a ease talking to her. She offered to help me in a way where others wouldn’t. She isn’t about the money, she truly has a caring spirit and loves to help others. I am glad my spirit led me to her. I stepped out on faith and I know she will deliver on what she said.



January 2019- Military Client. As I continue to use Emma's Daughter products and services my overall health has improved so that my career is back on track and I’m earning extra income. I’m regaining focus and back on my grind! A.Z.

January 2019- Court Case Result. I was prayed for and given products to use and take with me as a result my case was dismissed without prejudice and the person who brought me there was the one who requested it.  L.R.

2019 Theme: And I saw that there is nothing better for a person than to enjoy their work!

Dec 2018- Root Balance Hair Oil Client- Before use, my hair was falling out. Since using the Root Balance Hair Oil along with drinking water, I experienced minimal breakage even when wet and my hair is thicker and growing. In fact, it smells good too and I like it!

Dec 2018- Parental Advice- Today I got the affirmation that moms tend to look for, that we are doing a great job. There’s always room for improvement and the help that Emma's Daughter has been, and will be providing is just what I needed. She’s enlightened me on the habits I have and how to sharpen the skills I learn with parenting as some are developed from experience.

Dec 2018- Protection and Cleansing Client- "I just want to share with others my experience in using the products from Aunt Mary's Niece. The word says, "no weapons form against me shall prosper"...praying for covering and protection. I saw them coming at me, trying to form, but each time it was blocked! I thank God for just keeping watch over me and for allowing me to meet this wonderful woman of God. May she continue to hear and do the things of God to be a blessing to His people." S.L.

Dec 2018- Honey Love Bath (has multiple ingredients)- "Emma's daughter is the best I have some amazing love potion from and a great feeling of sweet honey bath. I had a so many people running after me want to hug me talk me so excited to see. I could not believe it. I use to have this difficult ways about me but when I took that honey bath I was sweet as cotton candy I feel so great and sweet like honey please try it everyone Lololol thanks Emma's Daughter." S. C. 

Dec 2018- These Things I Do Know...Book Review "Enjoyable, informative and an easy read." J.B.

Dec 2018- Chaka Calm Bath Salts "It felt Good." S.C.

Dec 2018- Aunt Mary Niece Love Potion #9 -1 Day after Results- I can not believe the results that I am getting from Emma's Daughter from a love portion she gave. A old friend from years ago inbox and she was so happy to talk to me, people in the store smiling at me staring me down am like Wow Emma's Daughter you are amazing and gifted mo

About Emma's Daughter

Emma's Daughter

Spiritual Alchemist Spiritual Reader Certified Shamanic Healer & Herbalist

As a Spiritual Alchemist, I am a licensed and ordained minister who is certified as an Shamanistic Healer & Herbalist. I am also certified as a practitioner of Chi Energy using Prana, Ki, Lightwork, Reiki, Lovelight. 

Aunt Mary's Niece welcomes veterans, military, and the LGTBQ Community. 

Disclaimer: Everyone has free will. Emma's Daughter intends to share information by persons who have seen results from use of spiritual alchemy, spiritual healing and home remedies. If you choose to use the information presented by Aunt Mary's Niece - Emma's Daughter can accept no legal responsibility for your actions.


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