And I saw that there is nothing better for a person than to enjoy their WORK!

It is with great pleasure to WELCOME You to Aunt Mary's Niece Spiritual Healing & Prosperity Holistic Services Online Store. Aunt Mary's Niece offers unique services, which happens to be the best, in terms of Spiritual Healing, various personalized Spiritual Alchemy modalities, with guaranteed privacy provided to all our past,present and future clients, as we are more concerned about solving the problems that clients bring to the table.

Let Aunt Mary’s Niece help you through our Spiritual Healing Products and Life Coaching Services. We currently offer various Consultations {Love, Money, Homeschooling, Life Coaching, Parenting, Business, College/ University Goals}, Spiritual Readings with and without cards, Egg Divination, Shamanic Eastern & Western Healing Practices, Herbs, Music, Chi Energy using Prana, Ki, Lightwork, Reiki, Restoration Services, Stones, Dream Interpretations, Spiritual Healing & Alchemy Classes and Spiritual Baths.

Aunt Mary's Niece welcomes Veterans, LGBTQP+

A Woman Who Has the Ears of God and not Afraid to Intercede On Your Behalf

Aunt Mary's Niece who is affectionately known also as Emma's Daughter has various testimonials of years of experience with helping many who respectfully follow instructions to get:

                               · Good Paying Jobs & On The Job Promotions

                               · Health Restoration And /Or Help with Manifesting Fertility Desires

                               · Good Luck Creation

                               · Acquisition of Money Without Stress

                               · Love and Lust {Finding love, solving sexual issues, achieving fantastic and                                                  satisfying sexual experiences}

                              · Protection, Blessing & Removing Obstacles in Families, Homes and  Businesses

                              · Getting Sweet Justice for the broken, dismayed and the distressed individuals

                             · Offers Life Changing & Prophetic Coaching to help individuals and organizations to                                   Prosper in the areas of Love, Money, Life Coaching,Parenting & Business

Aunt Mary’s Niece is excited to help you with all you need. When we start the WORK consider your case are already HEALED!

For your convenience, you are welcome to pay for services and products using our customized PayPal link and Cashapp Info: and $AuntMarysNiece

August 2019- Reading with Playing Cards- "I had a reading with Emma’s Daughter. She was able to go into detail what was going on. I felt enlightened afterwards. She may tell you things that you may not want to hear but she is only doing what she is led to do. She knows how I am and so she always has given me a That is my girl and in me she has a friend for life and I love her to the moon and back." Indiana Client

August 2019- Dream Interpretation- "I called Emma’s Daughter in regards to a dream I had. She was able to go into a deep explanation of what my dream meant. My dream was kind of disturbing but she was able to shed light on the situation in order to improve the outcome. I have been working with her for quite sometime and so far she is the best at what she does. I am glad that GOD placed her in my life." Indiana Client

August 2019- Spiritual Reading- "I had a wonderful experience with Aunt Mary's Niece!!! The reading she did gave me clarity and it also felt soothing! Not only did she confirm some things but also gave me encouragement. I feel comfortable when speaking to her and I look forward to doing more with her!!!!" Sumter, SC Client 

June 2019- Initial Consultation   Aunt Mary's Niece/ Emma's Daughter is the truth! She is like an open book. She shared her story which set my soul on fire. Her wisdom is beyond the scope of most older women that I encounter. She is thorough and easy to work with. I was challenged to unfold my families lineage, digging way back into slavery, to identify strong holds. Emma's Daughter consulted me and helped me tremendously.  Georgia Client

June/ July 2019 During the "Chaka Calm Bath Cleansing" I read a very powerful prayer and allowed my heart to be fully open to hear from the Most High. My prayer was given to me by Aunt Mary's Niece along with the Chaka Calm Bath Cleansing. As I bathe and prayed, I began to hear my ancestors speaking. It was so many people talking at once, that I couldn't understand. I turned down the music and came to a complete silence. My ancestors were still talking as if they were at a reunion. It was the most oddest and liberating moment I've experience. This didn't scare me at all, just confirmed that I was in alignment and on the right path. This experience gave me confidence in myself and Aunt Mary's Niece. Now that I've made the necessary steps to uncover my family lineage, I can confidently say that I'm extremely excited for what's to come. A Special thanks to Aunt Mary's Niece for using you purpose to help save lives and bring people to a peaceful place. Thanks again Georgia Client

July 2019- 6 Month Results from an Out of State Client- "I have been working with Emma’s Daughter since February 2019 and I can honestly say things have gotten a lot better for me. I have gained employment although it’s not what I want to make I feel like I’m progressing on the path that I should be on. Things have gotten better between me and my youngest daughters father. I had Emma's Daughter of Aunt Mary's Niece do love and banishment and about a few weeks ago he let me have a key to his house. My daughter has been over to his house almost every weekend since the beginning of July and we attended a wedding together and we have been spending more family time together. Intimacy has gotten a lot better and it seems that we are getting closer. I’ll be getting my own place in September and hopefully moving out of state next year once my lease is up. The work that she has done has been great and her and I have really became like sisters. She is the real deal and I love her because she is authentic. She has really helped me thru Self Love Consultations and they have really helped me out in more ways than one. I will always be for her because she has helped me thru a lot."

July 2019- Initial Consultation "My experience on yesterday was fantastic with Aunt Mary's Niece. I learned a lot that will help me with healing and keeping my life in balance. She also helped confirmed some of the things I was thinking but previous ignored some of the signs. Thanks again Aunt Mary's Niece. Columbia, SC

July 2019- Initial Consultation "I sought the help of Aunt Mary's Niece because I have been experiencing some physical and spiritual attacks for almost 3 years now. As of today, I quickly learned that some spiritual workers aren't as kind, empathetic, or compassionate as this lady.It seems as if we not only connected on a spiritual level, but she felt led to assist me with my case after speaking with me over the phone. Im keeping the faith that God orchestrated this union. I must now keep the faith that God has equipped her with the knowledge, power, and experience to not only help heal me...but deliver me from the works of evil." Alabama Client

June 2019- Business Success and Money Work- "Thank you Lord for putting Aunt Mary's Niece in my life!" Sumter, SC

June 2019- Personal Consultation- "Talking with Emma's Daughter was comfortable and helpful...." Sumter, SC

May 2019- Love & Banishment (Justified) Work- "When she said she was starting a WAR between him and the other woman, she wasn’t lying. I wasn’t expecting it to work as fast as it did. This n...a actually went to jail behind this female. I made a mistake and helped him out (not financially) she told me not to, but without knowing what I was actually doing went against the work she was doing. If she tells you to sit back and do nothing, do exactly that. Next time, I will listen and not lift a finger (and in that exact order) I will not lift a finger at all." In the US

May 2019- "I ordered her Self Love Consultation. The first one opened my eyes to how I viewed myself. The second one is helping me to see how men view women, and how to make myself feel that I am worthy of being loved. For years, I have always been selfless when it comes to love. Now I am learning how to be selfish and not just accept anything. Speak my mind and not worry about what MEN think. I am the EXCALIBUR and not all MEN will be able to move my heart. It will take that special one to love me the way I deserve to be love. Thanks for helping me see the difference." Indiana

April 2019- 1 Month Update- "I was writing this note to give you an up date on how things has been. I feel amazing I am drug free still my spirit is up and I have noticed a lot of change within me: My skin is clear, my relationship with my husband is great at this point. I would love to do more work with you soon. Thank you so much for your time and guidance during a very rough time in my life you have really been a blessing to me,to my marriage and our relationship. bless you" North Carolina

April 2019- Cleansing- "After I started my cleansing baths for 5 days I began to feel much more invigorated and refresh my aura was totally at ease! Thank you, Emma's Daughter." Sumter, SC

April 2009-  Love Work Results "Is Thanking God for such an awesome woman Of God. Two weeks in and I'm already impressed everything is working for my good can't wait to see what excitement happens this week." Sumter, SC 

April 2019- "Emma's Daughter Love and Banishment work has worked really fast for me. Too much details to go into, but what she has done and worked on for me. I instantly am seeing the results." CST Time Client

March 2019-  7 Day Result "Giving all the praise and honor to God for all He is and has done in my life thanking this awesome woman of God for all her help. It's been one week since we started this process and I am already seeing a turn around in my situation things are already looking up so I can truly say I'm satisfied with my beginning start off thank u awesome woman of God for all u are doing to help me through this situation, I know God is able and a waymaker." Sumter, SC

March 2019- "I am writing you a 29 day update, Since working with Emma’s daughter I have noticed a complete shift in my child father attitude. She has done work for me in the areas of love and employment. The work she has done is really working. He is a lot nicer to me and he is spending more time with his Daughter and wanting me more and more. I cannot thank her enough. I encourage anyone to give her a try. I have also been using chakra calm and it is truly working. I have noticed a change in my attitude as well as my children. Also my employment situation has gotten better. Although, this job may not be the one I truly desire, it beats nothing.It has been truly a blessing working with her. She will be my go to person for any help I need. I feel that things are going to be waaaaayyyyy better than before. " Indiana

March 2019-  Private Consultation "Had a AWESOME consultation with a awesome powerful woman of God who spirit immediately click with mine. She was referred to me by a friend, I am so looking forward to doing business with her in the near future and referring customers to her she is the truth!" Sumter, SC

March 2019-1 Month Update- Since working with Emma’s daughter, I am already starting to notice small improvements with myself and my personal life. I feel more positive and optimistic about things going on around me. I like the fact that she gives updates of the work that is being done and that whenever I have questions she answers them. Also her products are amazing. Thank you Emma’s Daughter Indiana

March 2019 - Private Consultation/ Spiritual Reading I met with Aunt Mary's Niece, Emma's Daughter on today and the consultation we had was great on today looking forward to beginning this new journey of life! Sumter, SC

March 2019-  Spiritual Healing through Music "Thank you for introducing that song to me I have fallen in love with that song it

About Emma's Daughter

Emma's Daughter also known as Aunt Mary's Niece

Spiritual Alchemist Spiritual Reader Certified Shamanic Healer                Certified Herbalist &                    Unorthodox Educator

Emma’ s Daughter has acquired over 30 years of endless knowledge in the areas of the prophetic, as a spiritual healer and alchemist who understands the functionality of multiple spiritual dimensions. Emma’s Daughter resume includes being an occult writer and seer, a licensed and an ordained minister with an innovative approach to helping people across cities, states, regions and continents, through personalized products and services, as her services are not limited to a particular area. 

Disclaimer: Everyone has free will. Emma's Daughter intends to share information by persons who have seen results from use of spiritual alchemy, spiritual healing and home remedies. If you choose to use the information presented by Aunt Mary's Niece - Emma's Daughter can accept no legal responsibility for your actions and results from it.


We are located in Sumter, South Carolina, however; if you would like an in person consultation Emma's Daughter is available to travel as long as you are willing to prepay for the travel accommodations and the service(s). 


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